Trust the specialists

Private Hospital Reading

With over 20 years’ experience in design, manufacture and installation of specialist fitted furniture and joinery in the healthcare, education and corporate sectors all over the world, our unique expertise can make an invaluable contribution to your projects.


“In 2010, one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world handed Receptek a $2.3million project in the Middle East. Put simply, they had conceded that ‘we can’t do what Receptek can do’. Considering this competitor had annual revenue of in excess of $2billion, we said to ourselves: ‘There has to be something in this!’ So what is this ‘something’? Well, there are two things that we don’t do. 1: we do not sell an off-the-shelf product. And 2:- unlike a standard joinery company, we don’t just manufacture what someone else has designed.”

What we do is to manufacture and install what we have designed ourselves, drawing on a wealth of knowledge of what is specifically required in Healthcare, Education and Corporate environments. In other words, we provide an unparalleled design service, and not simply product design but interior design too. We know about materials, we know about colours, we know about ergonomics, we know about infection control, we know about compliance, we know about maintenance, we know about sustainability and all this knowledge rolls into our designs. WE ARE DESIGNERS.